Sue Bamford is an environmentally-minded artist with a slight obsession with textiles and recycling. She is passionate about acting as an positive example to encourage other people's creativity, and that taking control and reducing our consumption can make people happier. She is rarely found without some form of needle (knitting, sewing or crochet hook) in hand making something peculiar, or showing others how to make things, repair clothes or turn the abandoned into wonderful things. Her practice is in living a creative life, visibly making things and sparking others to engage with their material world - from patching jeans in the street to crocheting corals on the bus, being seen to be doing it starts conversations beyond the confines of the gallery space.

Despite being old enough to know better she still wears pom poms on her shoes and pink hair in pig tails, amuses children with her dress sense, and aims to live a joyous creative life showing that having less, mending and making can lead to happiness; she believes that it is better to have people want to join the party through being an inspiration rather than finger-wagging and doom.

One of her particular passions is skills sharing, and she can be called on to teach sewing skills and creative recycling workshops, including making bunnies, for ages 5 and above to adult classes. Contact her at or on 07791 446608.